You want your music to be unique so why not your instrument too! Quick Guards is always creating unique custom Pickguards that the guitar world has never seen before, effectively rocking the industry standard for all that glitters. Quick Guards - already seen on stage with pro players like Al Berry (Avril Lavigne, David Archuleta, Jimmy & Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lionel Richie) – represent the company's next innovation for making musicians shine on stage.

All our Pickguards are handmade ~ labor of love. We do not buy and sell but rather make every product from scratch. After you place an order it takes about 3 weeks to complete. Quick Guards are always experimenting with new materials or making our own. You will see lots of different pickguards with new materials as well as traditional but anything you see on this site can be applied to your pickguard.

All this adds up to one key thing: These pickguards are very high-end looking with a unique prospective. Sparkle Pickguards catch and reflect stage and natural lighting like no other pickguards can. And because you can order a Sparkle Pickguard in more than 20 colors, and burst & or sparkle designs, finding one to compliment the finish of your number one axe is easy.

High end manufacturers who depend on quality at every step of their own processes especially appreciate Quick Guards commitment to its products.

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Flake is sprayed evenly through out the pickguard. A traditional sparkle effect.


Forced to form cracks showing more of the color behind. A modern sparkle effect that comes out a little different every time.


Our technique that forms clusters of flake. Very intense sparkle & unpredictable, making each guard unique!